David Aulenbach
Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts and
Music Education K-12
Randolph Township Schools
For years, the Mt. Tabor Summer Music Camp has provided students from the Randolph Music Department with the experience of continuing the play in an ensemble setting over the summer.  As a result of participating in the Mt. Taber Music Camp, they remain focused, motivated and improve their playing and overall musical understanding.  They come back to school in September a better player and really “give back” to their school ensemble.
Quality music educators, local band directors in some of the finest New Jersey Music Departments who are talented, committed and enthusiastic about developing young musicians into high level performers are the back bone of this outstanding summer program.  From the Beginner Band to the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble to the Chamber Ensemble, there is something for every music student at the Mt. Tabor Music Camp.

Carrie Sack
Band Director Littleton Elementary School
The Mount Tabor Summer Music Camp is a program worth its weight in gold.  My school band program during the year is strengthened by the progress students make during the summer, thanks to the wonderful things that make the Tabor program unique.  The fact that students work with specialists on their instruments is a feature that cannot be topped.  The focused, fun, hands-on beginner program is a wonderful opportunity for kids with no experience.  It gives these youngsters a head start before their school band programs begin, making the transition from 3rd to 4th grade that much easier.  For older, more experienced students, the opportunities to learn new styles of music, double on other instruments, and expand their musical horizons are exciting.  The jazz component of the program is top-notch and facilitates rhythmic and tonal progress, as well as offering the obvious focus on jazz techniques and fundamentals.  Finally, the Mount Tabor Summer Music Camp has managed to keep itself very affordable, even in financially difficult times.  In addition to the musical training received, students get to make new friends, and share in the music-making process with others who have similar interests.

Michael D. Russo
Former Mt. Tabor Music Camp Faculty
Band Director Morristown High School

The Mt. Tabor Summer Band program is an awesome experience for young musicians! They receive lessons and ensemble experiences and perform in concerts and have a lot of fun! The pricing is very reasonable and the students are way ahead of their peers musically when they return to their schools in the fall! It is a great program and I recommend it highly!