Bands and Lessons for Wind and Percussion

Beginner Band – Beginners of all ages will learn the basics of playing their instrument and reading music notation during their one hour band rehearsal and ½ hour lesson. Students will learn how to play together to form an ensemble while learning the appropriate technique of their chosen instrument.

Concert Band – Concert band is an elementary level band for students with one-two years of experience on their instrument. In concert band students will play more advanced band arrangements featuring more complicated rhythms and harmonies. Students who are playing in the concert band will also have a ½ lesson based on their instrument. Lessons will focus on becoming more proficient on their instrument while also practicing music for their band.

Symphonic Band is a middle school level band where students will learn to further their ability to play together as an ensemble. Students with 3-4 years of experience on their instrument will learn more advanced dynamics and articulation, as well as more challenging band literature. Students who are in symphonic band will have a ½ hour group lesson based on their instrument. In this lesson students will have an individualized program of instruction based on their level of proficiency on their instrument.

Wind Ensemble is a high school level band where students will gain experience playing many different genres of music. Student with 5 or more years experience will work together to improve their musicianship and create a well-balanced sound. Students in the wind ensemble will receive a ½ lesson that focuses on instrument technique. This half hour lesson helps students to improve proficiency on their instrument using solo pieces that can also be used for honors band auditions.

Chamber Ensemble – Students in wind ensemble will also be part of a chamber ensemble which meets for ½ hour. Students will be exposed to ensemble music that is written specifically for their instrument. These ensembles are performance ensembles and will appear in the band concerts.

Students will be placed on a level according to their grade. Any questions about your child’s placement may be brought to the attention of the director. The decision of the staff will be final.